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Praia do Cassange - Península de Maraú,

Maraú - BA, 45520-000


The Cassange Family

Our differential:

9 reasons to come to Cassange

Our differential:

9 reasons to come to Cassange

1. PRIVILEGE:  located in front of a stunning low tide natural pool, great for the kids.


2. STRATEGIC LOCATION: in the center of the Peninsula, granting access to the best sightseeing tours. 

3. DIVERSITY: path to Cassange Lagoon, where you can ride kayaks and Stand Up Paddle.

4. CARE: we prefer biodynamic and organic food, ultimately, high quality conventional ones.

5. ART: own production of honey, bread, desserts and special soaps we use while accommodating you.

6. PRIVACY: bungalows spread in 50 thousand meters, including a small native forest.

7. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: your accommodation contributes to a great GROUNDBREAKING educational project we lead locally.

8. LOVE FOR OUR PLANET: among others, we carefully manage our waste by composting and recycling it; we also provide clean energy from our 300 m² of solar panels.

9. HOSPITALITY: last, but not least, an experienced local team to help you enjoy each and every moment.

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Steady idea, courage and purpose

We have fled from the city in 1994 searching for a life closer to nature; me, Marcelo and Isney.  We found this Paradise and decided to stick around and make our dream come true. 
At the time this place was completely unknown. There was no electric power yet!
After a short while, due to coincidences life presents us with, we met Flavio and we teamed up in a natural way. That was the beginning of the Cassange Family.
Since then, a journey of achievements, struggles, victories and some defeats have followed. 
Today the family has grown and it is huge in view of a partnership with our local brothers, Elinho, Bio, Erivaldo and Janaína with whom Flavio got married to. 
May the new challenges come!


A place that does you good!

How to nourish yourself

In each served dish we choose local, natural and fresh products and foods in a way our guests connect to the best existing Bahian cuisine.


Food is served in our restaurant in front of the see. During the meals, you will also be nourished by the sensation of contemplating the waves, feeling the breeze, observing the birds and hearing the wind sound.

Cakes, couscous, tapiocas (a starch extracted from cassava plant), moquecas (Brazilian recipe based on salt water fish, shrimps or sea food stew in coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander and dendê palm oil), shrimp bobos (stewed shrimp with coconut milk, dende palm oil and manioc cream) and grillings are just some of the culinary delights cooked with plenty of love by our gastronomy team.


New Experiences


We believe in full human development and we also believe we are able to continuously renew ours and others transforming potential.

We have a special place to training courses, retreats and experiences oriented to self-knowledge. We´ve already had groups interested in learning healthy eating, mindfulness and even special programs for families.

Facilitators and practices oriented to human development are most welcome. Just get in touch with us!